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Triple Duty Check Valve Angle Type

Triple Duty Check Valve Angle Type

Model Number: TOV-A12, 22, 25


Check valves are critical for the prevention of backflow and protection of pumps from damages. Shinwoo Valve's patented TOV-A is capable of providing unrivaled check valve performance, eliminating most occurences of water hammer caused by reverse surges. Not only does it protect the pump even in case of sudden pump stoppage with its shut-off function, it is also capable of regulating flow rate and relieving the pump's vacuum when needed. Its unique shape also dramatically reduces the number of parts required, making it highly serviceable while saving valuable space and time.




•Three different products in one : Non-slam check, shut-off, and balancing function in one valve

• Reduction of required parts : No reducer or elbow pipe necessary

• Two different sizes for suction side and exit side are available

• Convenient repair : Repair can be performed on site without removing the valve from the line

• Streamlined flow passage and low head loss for enhanced pump efficiency

• Field-proven to prevent water hammer damage

• Opening can be adjusted manually to control fluid flow 



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