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Pressure Reducing Valve for Steam (Piston)

Pressure Reducing Valve for Steam (Piston)

Model Number: SRP-12, S11, S12, X12


Model SRP is installed at construction sites, factories, heating systems, and elsewhere to make sure that the pressure of the outlet side remains below the set level regardless of pressure changes in the inlet side. This small, lightweight valve is used widely for the control of outlet side pressure. Its self-acting design does not require any electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power supply. A condensate separator is provided with SRP as it is critical to prevent damages from accumulation of condensates. Model SRP-X has a built-in steam trap in addition to built-in condensate separator to significantly reduce the overall installation dimension as well as labor and parts cost. Its unique application of disc guide and multi-flow structure also reduceces vibration and noise. Built-in sensing line eliminates the need to install a separate sensing line on the outside, while a separator screen prevents leakage caused by foreign matters.


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