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Two-way / Reverse Flow Pressure Reducing Valve (Pilot)
  • Two-way / Reverse Flow Pressure Reducing Valve (Pilot)

    Model Numbers: SWV-PP32 (Bi-directional) / SWV-BP32 (Reverse Flow)


    Bi-directional (two-way) Pressure Reducing Valve SWV-PP and Reverse Flow Pressure Reducing Valve SWV-BP comprise of main valve, pilot valve, and accessories, and the pilot valve and accessories can be configured to accomodate for bi-directional pressure reduction or reverse flow. Bi-directional pressure reducing valve can reduce pressure on both inlet and outlet sides, a feature which can be effective when there is need to supply water for fire protection at suitable pressure level to either direction. Reverse flow pressure reducing valve, on the other hand, performs like a regular pressure reducing valve under regular conditions, but when pressure condition change occurs in the piping to result in greater pressure in the outlet side than the inlet side, it allows passage of water in reverse direction without pressure reduction. Pilot type design allows for bigger capacity compared to direct acting type valves, and the cover can be easily removed on site to remove or replace any parts. A variety of springs are available for different control pressure ranges to allow for minute adjustments, which can also be performed on site.


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